Adding Google AdSense To A WP Theme

Adding Google AdSense to a WP Theme – Adding such tool as Google AdSense to your WordPress blog can become a solution of many SEO problems and can increase your profits from your blog in many times. Gather app The following step-by-step instruction will lead you through the whole process of adding AdSense of Google to your WordPress blog.

The first step: adding Google AdSense to your WordPress Theme

1) Foremost you need to create an account within AdSense system by visiting such resource as Google.Com/adsense. You won’t face any difficulties because creation of an account will take you literally few minutes. There is an application you will have to fill in with totally trustworthy information and then confirm it in order to add an option of Google AdSense to your WordPress blog. If your payment method and account information will be confirmed you will be asked to verify a creation of a Google AdSense account.

2) After registration of an account in Google AdSense you need to choose where these ads will be placed within your WordPress site. The most reasonable solution a blog owner can choose – to make Google AdSense ads blending in and fitting the style and color palette of a blog as well as to its text fonts and graphics. To provide proper design aspect Google can offer many great tips and recommendations every blog owner can figure out easily and use them in order to make it not only useful for SEO but also rather stylish and catchy.

3) Then you will have to select the type of ads you want to see displayed on your WordPress blog. Luckily, Google AdSense can offer a lot of ad types, for example such as AdSense for content, for search, for graphics ads and text advertisements or even a combination of few types in one if you wish. According to your preferences and blog’s content, and taking into account your targeted audience and other important nuances. If you have doubts you chose the wrong type of ads for your blog you can always change, delete and even add more Google AdSense ads to your account any time you need.

4) Customizing your ads also won’t cause any troubles if you will use the option of Google’s Wizard. You as a WordPress owner will be allowed to add three advertising units along with 3 link units on every page. All these features include customization of sizes, colors and styles.

5) You will be allowed to create a channel for your advertisements for tracking them on your block and also for creation names for these ads. The best feature Google AdSense can offer is tracking every individual ad basing on its location, type and other customizable criteria. It means you can edit not all types at once but choose one of two which require some changes.

6) After choosing where to place your AdSense ads you should grab the code of this ad and then add it to your blog’s time coding piece. Installation of Google Ad to your blog is completed.

The second step: installation of Advertising Manager

1) Login onto your WordPress admin panel.
2) Choose the tab “Plugins” and then select the option “Add New”.
3) Find the search box and type over there “Advertising Manager” and choose “Search Plugins”.
4) Then pick up the option “Install Now” to set up the Google Advertising Manager plugin.
5) Select “Activate Plugin” to enable features of Advertising Manager and start using AdSense after adding its code into your WordPress theme.